Alt Investments is a niche asset manager

We manage the Alt Fund SIF-SICAV, a specialized investment fund based in Luxembourg. In the Alt Fund, we run three distinct strategies that share a set of core values. We act as long-term investors who focus on generating attractive absolute returns while avoiding undue risk. Alt Investments is based in Terneuzen, The Netherlands.

Our three sub-funds

Our three sub-funds


Alt Opportunities Fund is our long only equity fund. It follows a concentrated, bottom-up stock picking strategy with heavy emphasis on valuation, business quality and balance sheet robustness. The Opportunities Fund invests primarily in companies ran by founders or management teams that have significant skin in the game.


Alt Allocator is our fund of funds. Allocator invests in a portfolio of high-quality third-party managed funds. Most of the asset managers we select, run a concentrated equity portfolio. They all have a track record of significant long-term outperformance and possess knowledge and skills that are hard to replicate.


Alt Income Fund is our long only credit fund. It aims to generate a stable income above inflation over the long-term, with a strong focus on capital preservation. The Income Fund invests primarily in a diversified portfolio of deeply subordinated capital securities issued by corporates and financial institutions. The fund follows a buy and hold strategy.


A small team of experienced investment professionals

We are investors, not speculators and act accordingly. We strongly favor simplicity and do not engage in financial engineering. We eat our own cooking and have a significant percentage of our own net wealth invested in our funds.

Our four directors cover a wide array of financial disciplines. Each of the core tasks at Alt Investments B.V. is directly supervised by at least one of our directors.

Together, the Alt Investments team has more than 70 years of experience in financial markets on the buy and sell side both in private as well as public markets.

Our service providers

Quintet Private Bank (Europe)

European Fund Administration

EFA provides administrative services for the Alt Fund
Quintet Private Bank (Europe)

Quintet Private Bank (Europe)

Quintet provides custodial services for the Alt Fund
Quintet Private Bank (Europe)

Hermans & Partners

Hermans & Partners is the auditor of Alt Investments B.V.
Quintet Private Bank (Europe)

Finnius Advocaten

Finnius provides legal and regulatory advice to Alt Investments B.V.
Quintet Private Bank (Europe)

EY Luxembourg

EY is the auditor of the Alt Fund

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